Messiah (Christ) is a Black Hebrew

Who is the Black Messiah-Saviour of the World? (Some call him Jesus) dove1The Black Hebrew Messiah is the true Messiah- the redeemer of the people and their destroyed planet Earth from the hand of Satan the devil-Lucifer. Rome and Vatican created a serious and spiritually dangerous deception by renaming The Black Messiah to Jesus Christ. With this, Rome succeeded in redirecting your prayers meant for The Almighty Yah of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) through the Black Messiah (Christ)-Our King of Kings to the Roman/Egyptian god called Zeus hence Jesus (JeZeus-son of Zeus). Please research this information to open your spiritual eyes. Not only did the Vatican dubiously change the holy and meaningful name of the Black Messiah (Christ) to Jesus, Vatican adopted complete paganism and covered it with the blanket of Christianity. This does not make Christianity a fake religion but exposes who raped and dumped Christianity in the rain. Every other church originated from the Vatican. Therefore all churches have knowingly or unknowingly followed Satan ever since-hence your prayers are not answered as was promised by your Black Messiah (Christ). How can he answer your prayers when they are directed to JeZeus (Jesus) = son of Zeus, an ancient god secretly worshipped by Vatican and all world leaders of UN via illuminati and Freemasonry Secret Societies (former Night Templar)?


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