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Yah’s All-In-One Calendar

Remember the Shi’ha’Bátá

Title: The Creator’s Calendar by: Feastoftabernacles
12 Observe the Shi-Ha’Bátá day to keep it sacred, as Yah the Creator commanded you. 13 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 14 but the seventh day is a Shi-Ha’Bátá of Yah your Creator; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter or your male servant or your female servant or your ox or your donkey or any of your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you, so that your male servant and your female servant may rest as well as you.…
from Deuteronomy 5:12-13
This is the commandment that was given to Moses, by the hands and words of Yah. Time and Times have past to bring us to the Now. And in the now we have put away the original Shi’ha’bátá, we have desecrated it by replacing it with pagan rituals and we have forgotten Yah’s original times and seasons, and replaced it with a pagan time frame. It is a long way back to the ways that Yah commanded us to live by. But with Yah, no journey is to long.

Debunking the Pagan Time Frame

Note: This article is under development! You are urged to research and test ALL information that is provided in this article for truth. We appreciate and encourage contributions to it’s development. Please take in account that to leave the lies we live in, to be able to walk in truth henceforth is a journey that we have to undertake individually. No one can walk this journey for you, however we find brothers and sisters in the individuals that choose to live in truth.
Warning: Returning to Yah’s original Times and Seasons can cause confusion in your system. To change your ways from abiding to the Pagan Time Frame to upholding Yah’s appointed times and seasons is literally a journey through time. As with every big journey you will have to leave all that you know behind, and wander into unknown territory. A territory you have not yet connected with, and that does not relate to your former life, and the lives of the people you literally leave behind.
As with every permanent departure, your close ones that you leave behind, will have problems with you leaving them. As you chose to obey Yah’s commandment, the true spirit that rules them, will manifest and show themselves as a result of you leaving. This is normal, but must not be put above Yah’s commandment to obey him. Problems with your Job provider are also a risk of travelling to Yah’s Times. Not every boss will respect your personal choices. Know and realize that this job is not the job Yah has in store for you. Those who don’t support your choice, do not support Yah’s commandments. Even though we have to be prepared to face hardship, trust in Yah’s promises will make Him take care of all of His obedient children. YAH WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE! Just like Yah dresses the lilies of the fields, and feeds the birds of the skies. how much more would He take care of us, whom He loves more then all of them? This is how He sets us apart. Both Literally and figuratively. We live different then the world around us when you choose to obey Him, but we are also treated different by Yah, in comparison to the rest of the world. Do not feel alone. You are never alone with Yah. And you can find brothers and sisters through the Internet.

Why is this Important?

Artist: Ahk-Ben Ft. MarieYah & Dawid Child of Yah Title: Meditate on Yah For us to be able to return to Yah’s Covenant made with Ab’ri’Haam (Transliterated to Abraham), we have to Uphold ALL His commandments and statutes, and return to His appointed times and seasons. While all other commandments directly address our behaviour towards each other as Hebrews, but also against the gentiles. The first four commandments address our behavior towards our Maker, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, Yah. This article will address the 4th Commandments:
8Remember the Shi-Ha’Bátá day to keep it set apart, as Yah the Creator commanded you. 9Six days you shall labour and do all your work, 10but the seventh day is a Shi-Ha’Bátá of Yah thy Creator, in it you shall not do any manner of work, you or your son or your daughter or your male servant or your female servant or your ox or your donkey or any of your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you. 11for in six days Yah made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the 7th (seventh) day; wherefore Yah blessed the Shi’ha’Bátá and set it apart.”
From the book of Exodus 20:8-11

The Sunday Deception

Title: The Roman Catholic Sunday Deception by: Unknown As you all might have heard by now, The Divine Calender given to man by the Creator was replaced by Satan through the Roman Empire and Vatican. When the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great suddenly and suspiciously converted to Christianity, he merged Paganism with Christianity and also changed the worship and rest of the Creator with that from Satanic SUN-worship (Amen-Ra Worship which they called it SUNDAY. The consequence of this Spiritual atrocity is that All Sunday Worshipping Christians, although unknowingly, have been directing their prayers to the Roman, Babylonian and Egyptian Sun god. No wonder your prayers are not heard—The Yah of Yah’shar’ala will NEVER accept this abuse of his Set Apart Shi´ha’bátá. No!

The Weekdays Deception

Title: ‪Origin of the 7 Days of the Week‬ by sparkleystitch To keep the Shi’ha’Bátá set apart, we have to first ‘remember’ to identify the correct day for the Shi’ha’Bátá. When do we exactly start counting the days? Yah’shar’ala (Transliterated to Israel) is slowly, but surely, waking up to the reality that we have been completely deceived. It is written that even our times and seasons have been corrupted. (Text?) So we have the responsibility to scrutinize everything we have learned,research it’s origin to be able to test if it is in compliance with Yah’s original plan for His Set Apart Children, Yah’shar’ala. The continuous 7 day weekly cycle originates from the Roman Vatican/Greek worship of Pagan Deities AKA False Gods AKA Satan and his Demons. Each day has his own appointed deity, that is worshipped, just by upholding the weeks and weekdays. Therefore both Sunday and Saturday worshippers are not keepers of the Shi’ha’Bátá. Sunday is dedicated to the sun deity, while saturday is dedicated to saturn AKA satan himself. This should come as a shock to every one who truly loves the Creator. This is normal. As we have all been born in these lies, your misdirected worship was done in ignorance, and you can not be held accountable for the ignorance caused by another mans deception. But after reading AND testing the information in this article, we are no longer ignorant, and you and I are held responsible to uphold Yah’s Truth and do away with our connection with the pagan weekly cycle. So what reference can we use then? How do we count our days on this planet without the week? We count the days of the Month, wherein Yah has put four full 7-day cycles, that we count every day of the month. But before we can fully answer that question we have to first debunk the month deception. Try to hold on because the deception goes deeper.

The Month Deception

Title: ‪Origin of Month Names |‬ By: in5d As they have sought to change Times and Seasons the months are also used to deceive all the people of the world and thus also Yah’s Set Apart Children, into living and worshipping in a pagan time frame. The months we use in our ‘western’ society are also of Roman Vatican/Greek origin worshipping pagan deities and deified roman rulers. Abiding and living by these months is to agree to give praise to their dedicated deities. To understand what a Hebrew month is, we have look into the origin of the word month: Month derives from the word moon. In Hebrew the word for month is Codesh (#2320), which means moon. Yah’shar’ala celebrated a New Moon and started counting the days thereof. In the Ancient world they never knew the Months as the modern Roman Vatican/Greek civilization AKA western civilization does now. We therefore have to leave Babylon, for it has fallen. Their lies have been exposed, and we must return to Yah’s original Times and Seasons that are written in the heavenly bodies of the skies.
14And Yah said, let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years.”
From the book of Genesis 1:14

The New Moon Deception

As it is satans intention to completely deceive and mislead the world, it would be naive to not put the modern New Moon definition under scrutiny. There is no exact scriptural description as to how the moon looks like when it is considered to be the beginning. So we have to research the indirect clues in the scriptures, and use the information from those that have a deeper understanding of the Hebrew language to gain understanding of the New Moon. Using our common sense and our trust in Yah to reveal all Truths on their appointed times and to know that Yah will not hold us accountable for our ignorance.
1Observe the 1st Moon of the Year (referred to as Nisan) and keep the Passover, unto Yah for in the 1st Moon of the Year, Yah, your Creator, has brought you out of Egypt by night.”
From the book of Deuteronomy 16:1
To Observe the New moon is to watch and see it and to keep it as a everlasting tradition. The Scriptures use the verb “observe” to direct our conduct towards the new moons. To watch for the New Moon implies that the moon must be visible to even be identified, seen or watched. The moon is only visible when light is reflected from it surface, this makes it impossible to watch an non-reflective moon. The appointed watchmen of Yah’shar’ala that are to spread the message of the New Moon sighting by sounding the Shofar can not watch and witness the invisible.

The Separate counting of the New Moon day

We are obliged to say that we also scrutinize the separation of the New Moon day as a separate day from the counting of the first week. We have not found any proof, that we should introduce this separation in counting. Without proof for it’s rightful existence there is no single reason to make any changes in Yah’s appointed calendar. We uphold the importance of the spiritual number 7 as a set apart number. The 7th day is appointed as a Shi’ha’Bátá and a set apart day. For six days shall you labour, but the 7th (seventh) day is set apart. A day of rest and Set Apart Convocation. To separate the New Moon day from the counting of the first week, will result in a change of the sacred 7 day cycle (Shi’ha’Bátá on the 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th day), shifting the Shi’ha’Bátá to the 8th days (8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th) a slight corruption with direct deception as a result. We found no scriptural proof to separate the New Moon day from the counting of the first week. However we have direct evidence, that the 8th day Shi’ha’Bátá shift conflicts with scriptural history. The First and most important Argument is derived from the keeping of the Passover. On the evening of the 14th day (after the Shi’ha’Bátá has ended), Yah through Moses gave Yah’shar’ala the instruction to sacrifice and roast the lamb, and be ready to leave Egypt the same night. After the angle of death struck ALL of Egypt’s first born at midnight of the 14th day, the Pharaoh commanded Moses and Yah’shar’ala to leave Egypt immediately. Upholding the separation of the New Moon day from the counting of the first week and thus the 8th day Shi’ha’Bátá (8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th), will result in Yah’shar’ala slaughtering and roasting the Lamb and leaving Egypt on the second Shi’ha’Bátá (the 15th). This will be contradictory to the commandments of the Shi’ha’Bátá.
3The Israelites set out from Rameses on the fifteenth day of the first month, the day after the Passover. They marched out defiantly in full view of all the Egyptians,”
From the book of Numbers 33:3
The only record of official rest by the Hebrews on the 15th day, is on the 15th day of the 12th moon as part of the Purim celebration, recorded in the book of Esther, by a separatist movement of the Hebrews in Susa, during the reign of queen Esther. They deviated from the customs of the Hebrews that were in the provinces of king Xerxes.
18The Hebrews in Susa, however, had assembled on the thirteenth and fourteenth, and then on the fifteenth they rested and made it a day of feasting and joy.”
From the book of Esther 9:18

The Babylonian Moon Names

The Modern Hebrew Names for Moons originated from our Captivity in Babylon. Like we carry the influences of this modern ‘western’ civilization into our practices, the Hebrew Culture/Language also adopted influences from Babylon. These influences are not necessary to carry along any longer, for they have never been ours to carry. Counting the numbers of the moons is both safe and sufficient to set the moons apart from each other. As every number has a spiritual meaning and value, they carry their appointed characteristics according to Yah’s appointed order.

The Year deception

The past rulers of the earth have raised their hands in arrogance to change times and seasons, to seat themselves in the heaven above the appointed heavenly bodies, the moon and the stars, as the New Masters of Time. Corruption has overtaken the counting of the years, leaving us without reference and connection to the beginning of time literally stranded in the deserts of time. Lacking this reference gives opportunity to wild speculations of current time and past times. Corruption also sought and found ways to change the beginnings and endings of our years, by changing the identification of the first and last moon of the year, that do not coincide any more with the original Hebrew customs as described in Scriptures. The Gregorian Calendar, the modern roman vatican/greek time frame starts the year in the winter (The season of decay and last harvest), while the Hebrews started their year in the spring (The season of New Life and first harvest) as commanded by Yah to Moses.
2This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.”
From the book of Exodus 12:2

Restoration of Times and Seasons

Note: This article is under development! You are urged to research and test ALL information that is provided in this article for truth. We appreciate and encourage contributions to it’s development. Please take in account that to leave the lies we live in, to be able to walk in truth henceforth is a journey that we have to undertake individually. No one can walk this journey for you. However we find brothers and sisters in the individuals that choose to live in truth together.


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  2. Hana Megabit or Nissan was only the first month of the year based on the Babylonian new year. In Ethiopia, the new year for the Beta Israel has always been around September, meskeram. That's based on Ethiopian traditions. Megabit is not month 1, meskeram is. The shift came when Hebrews were under Babylonian rule and to justify it they called it the New Year for Jews. But history says otherwise.
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  4. Ikechukwu Agwu I love yah and the wisdom he has given us Let's join hands together and make all his commandments become reality
  5. Neariah Abiyah I observe the lunar calender as well... what day did you have abib beginning on for this year?
    1. admin Salam Neariah Abiyah, Our Calendar is not based on the Jewish calendar system. Yes we observe the moon, but we observed it differently since the beginning of time. The difference lies in the fact that our years only last 12 moons and NEVER longer. Not even in the leap years. Therefor we started our first moon 1 moon earlier then the month of Abib. For we do not follow the Solar cycle as the basis of our counting. (This is what the Jewish 13th moon is for, to adjust for the alignment to the Solar Cycle)
  6. Izunna Paul I love this, may chukwu okike abiama bless you all. Plz how can I share all this to my fb page or nkoli page?
    1. admin Shi'Ala'Oma Izuna Paul, All praise to the Most High Yah, creator of the True Calendar on which we are allowed to base this web application on. You can copy the link in the address bar above to paste and share it on Facebook. A appropriate picture should appear in Facebook with the correct date for Jerusalem. For NKOLI it needs a little bit more testing. We will add support for NKOLI in the next update. Where the Calendar is internationalized and is be adjustable for your location.
  7. Ihqyhnh Ihmprz T Awesome knowledge InI...let YHWH (Jah) be praised...blessed love...may ihi FADDA the MOST HIGH...JAH RASTAFARI ihtinually guide InI...bless up...
    1. admin Salam Ras! Give Thanks! Bless up!
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