TO ALL HEBREWS/IGBOS: HERE IS WHAT IS HAPPENING; NOT ONLY IN NIGERIA BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD, THE SAME TIME. THE GREAT TRIBULATION AND THE 2ND EXODUS. In 1992, the Satanic Nigeria Federal Government signed Nigeria to the New World Order of Vatican, United Nations and Secret Societies of Illuminati and Freemasonry. This is true and we shall also prove it before your own eyes now. On the 11th of March 2014, New World Order of Illuminati One World Governments (Revelation 13) was officially signed in Indonesia where Satan himself via one Mr. Sino, addressed the Whole World with threats of death and more deaths. Hear the Fool here… Just immediately after hosting his Illuminati members in a forbidden bloody Ceremony called Centenary Celebration, Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria rushed to Holland and lied to Nigerians that he traveled for the negotiation of a Nuclear deal for Nigeria. The deal was nuclear indeed; because; representing All Nigerian Politicians, Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria reconfirmed the membership of Nigeria into the New World Order of Illuminati Secret Society=Lucifer and sealed a deal with the Devil while lying to Nigerians.. Signing away the souls of Nigerians, the Nigerian politicians were rewarded with political positions in their dream called New World Order One World Government. A huge amount of money was also Allocated to Nigeria by Lucifer’s New World Order – let us prove this to you all once again: Click Here and scroll down the list to see Nigeria –193 countries are involved. Check to see how much monies your Politicians sold you for; without your knowledge or awareness. Click Here: With the above background information, you would be able to understand the following: All Politicians of the United Nations as well as Top Religious leaders of both Christianity and Islam and other Religions, Freemasonry, Illuminati, the Rich and the Global Elite formed this BEAST called New World Order (NWO). Imitating the Creator of the Universe who gave the Hebrews on Earth Ten Commandments for directions, New World Order of Satan also came up with her own Evil Ten Commandments. Click Here to see New World Order Evil Ten Commandments on the Georgia Guide Stone.Click Here: Commandment 1. Kill 6.5 Billion People Yes! New World Order of the Devil planned to and is killing people all over the world using Terrorism/Financial Terrorism planned and carried out by MOSSAD, CIA, KGB, MI6, IMF, World Bank and politicians while their Mainstream Media lie to the Masses–what else is Satanism and Evil?, Therefore, the unbearable truth is that since the thousands of years, the Global governance has been a shadow government representing Lucifer, Satan, Fallen Angels-the Demons a.k.a ALIENS, Politicians and Religious leaders and their scientist—at this point, the Hebrews should remember the Prophetic words of our Messiah Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh when he said: .”..Satan is the ruler of this world” John 12:31 JUDGEMENT DAY MARSHAL LAWS: The Hebrews sure remember that the King of Kings–Peace Be Unto Him–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh warned that He is returning to rule the World with Iron Hands. As we speak, there is Marshal laws around the World from country to country via United Nations=the Devils willing-tool. Your Police and Military now work for New World Order via United Nations and Vatican. Do you still recall the various deception of the masses by Nigerian Politicians under Goodluck Jonathan 1. Chibok Hoax=Satanic Lie 2. National Confab=Bitter Deception 3. Search for Boko Haram in Sambisa forest=Big and wicked Lie. Your governments are the Satanic Terrorists used by the Most High to fulfill the remaining few prophecies before the End Proper. Great Tribulation Agents. New World Order Islamic terrorism-Great Tribulation Agent. Let it be known to you all that there are two types of Islam as we speak. 1. Peace-loving Islam who often share their tea and food with all-these are the Abrahamic Islam. However, a fake Islam which was created by Vatican and Secret Societies is a killing machine for this Judgement Day Great Tribulation. This is the New World Order Islam(See the History of the Islamic Dome of Rock in Jerusalem). So, Muhammad Buhari is a member of the New World Order Islam chosen to help the Devil conquer Evil people in Nigeria–same is the case in every country of the world. Hence, Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria who is a brother-in-Satanism to Muhammad Buhari (members of the same Secret Societies) gently handed over Power to the First New World Order President of Nigeria-Muhammad Buhari.Now is the time for the implementation of New Wold Order Marshal laws in Nigeria. These plagues and other Plagues would only affect Sinners and gentile Satanists–Satan has no friend. Yes! Sinners in Igboland and Biafra will be killed to End Sins in Igboland:That is the reason for the relocation of Boko Haram to Igboland because even in Igbo land, this Great Tribulation would also affect Sinners and Gentiles who refuse to repent and convert to our Hebrew Faith. Only Faithful Hebrews and the 12 tribes of Yashar’al would be saved–those who keep the Ten Commandments of the Most High. Note: The Messiah did not change the laws of the Most High because they are Perfect laws–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh disclaims in Matthew 5:17:18 when he said: Matthew 5:17-1817 “Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfill.18 For verily I say unto you, Till Heaven and Earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished.” The good news for all Hebrews and the House of the 12 tribes of Yashar’al, is that the angels of the most High have arrested Lucifer and Satan as well as their Demons and now control them. Satan and Lucifer and their Demons are allowed to Kill Only the Gentiles and the Sinners-Not the Hebrews. Remember the Ten Plagues against Egypt.. Avoid anything called Sin or you will be killed 2015-???. * Matthew 6:9-10 has fulfilled (The Kingdom of Heaven is now here on Earth-For the Hebrews and the 12 tribes of Yashar’al)* Revelation 12:9 and 13:14 have fulfilled * Revelation 21:1-4 has fulfilled* Revelation 13 has fulfilled* We are expecting the fulfillment of Daniel 2:44-45 Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth just as you have been asking for when you pray the prayer of Matthew 6:9-10. All praises Belong ONLY to our Heavenly Father and Creator-YAHobedience we Hebrews owe to our Messiah (anointed) King for Planet Earth–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh. Shaluwm!!!!!!!!!!!!Udo’nu!!!!!!! This Information was delivered this 8715 by: Angelippo#2112_H_Gath (Gad) Angel of the Most High assigned to the House of Gad–Igbo people of the 12 tribes of Yashar’al (Israel)

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