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Bible Prophecies: Your Mirror into the Future. Prophecy2How many of you have been monitoring the prophecies? Although not easy to understand, Biblical prophecies are the `only` windows through which we can look into the future. The Old Testament of the Bible is by the way, the authentic Holy Scripture. Although Vatican messed up information in some parts of the  the Bible especially the New Testament, Holy books such as the book of Daniel, Zachariah, Isiah, Ezekiel, Revelation and other prophets left us with information in form of prophecies. Actually, prophecies are coded information which could only be understood by the pure in heart who worship The Almighty God without tricks. To understand these prophecies, one must be a Circumcised and Holy , a good and serious bible student who truly researches for information as if digging for hidden treasures.  Do you need a bible study? Then contact a brother or sister today. Click Here


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