This invitation is for All Hebrews/Igbos/Molukkers/Biafrans=12 tribes of Yashar’al (Israel) in the Netherlands and from all over the World: WELCOME BACK THE BLACK HEBREW MESSIAH IN LEERDAM, HOLLAND Location: ArtKids Farms/BuurTuin West in Leerdam, The Netherlands: Programme: See attachment A4 Date: 26-07-2015 Venue: BuurTuin-West: Tiendweg 41a Leerdam, The Netherlands 2ndEXODUS of the Children of Yashar’al begins on the 26th of July 2015 (Exodus in your hearts before Exodusing to the Promised land-Father lives in your hearts.) This is to inform All Hebrew Yashar´alites (including Igbo people of Biafra in West Africa) who are resident all over Planet Earth that 26th of July 2015 is the appointed Date For your 2ndExodus. Isaiah 11:11-12 As #Lucifer and #Satan the #Devil now panic, the #Mayor (Burgermeester) Marinus Houtman of Leerdam in The Netherlands is dreaming of Blocking the introduction of the Kingdom of the Heaven which has come down to Earth in Fulfillment of Matthew 6:9-10 and Revelation 21. We are just laughing at the Mayor #Burgermeester Marinus Houtman of #Leerdam in The Netherlands (Anti-Youth Mayor). Truly I say to you my fellow Hebrews, this mayor of Leerdam does not know what he is dealing with, No! He does not know what he is doing. Can a Mayor or Obama or Putin or Pope Francis or Queen of Netherlands and that of England put together—Can they be able to stop the Creator of the Universe and the Maker of Everything? The Mayor (#Burgermeester) Marinus Houtman of Leerdam requested that we obtain permit for the piece of land called BuurTuin West which is Our Little Yahushaluwm (Little Jerusalem) in Leerdam Holland. We then asked the Mayor (#Burgermeester) Marinus Houtman in Holland the following question: Does the Creator of the Heaven and the Earth require a Permit from a Mortal man like Mayor (#Burgermeester) Marinus Houtman of Leerdam? We are still waiting for his response. Attached herewith is your own Personal invitation to this Memorable Event. If you, for any reason cannot make it to Leerdam in Holland, then ensure you get informed through Biafran Unity Television (BUT–www.Biafra.Land). Remain connected in spirit.. All praises go ONLY to YAH our Heavenly Father, maker, owner and Creator of the Universe. Obedience we (Hebrews) owe his anointed Messiah for Planet Earth–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh All Igbo people and all Hebrews of the 12 tribes of Yishar’al as All Converted Hebrews are hereby invited to Leerdam in Holland to welcome the Kingdom of Heaven on the 26th of July 2015. Your prayer in Matthew 6:9-10 has been answered by YAH. AlalluYAH To All Biafrans: this is the Freedom you have been agitating for. Start Celebrations all over the World.He has done it for us. Shaluwm! On behalf of the Black Hebrew Messiah–Peace Be Unto Him–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh. AllaluwYAH. Shaluwm! Udo’nu!!! The Angels of the Most High are here to rescue the 12 tribes of Yashar’al (Corrupted as “Israel”)– including the Igbo people of Biafra. SHOW THIS VIDEO TO THE MAYOR OF #LEERDAM AND NIGERIAN/GLOBAL POLITICIANS AS WELL AS RELIGIOUS LEADERS/ELITES—THEIR TIME IS NOW FINISHED (TIME OF THE GENTILES HAS ENDED): DIRECT PODCAST MLS#1212_link_1: http://tinyurl.com/ogsa4zq MLS#1212_link_2 tiny.cc/MLS2015-1212-Small “Touch not my anointed!” Says YAH. Angelippo#2112_H_(Gat) Gad. Angel of the Most High-YAH assigned to the House of Gat (Gad)=Igbo people of Biafra/Worldwide.. Note: House of Gat (Gad) means `House of GATHering. It is now time to Gather–Yes! The time for 2ndExodus of the Black Hebrew Yashar’alites Move your minds so that your minds would move you into the New Yahushaluwm. Physical Reality–Unimaginable and unbelievable. Praise YAH! Udo´nu! If you have not see the Video of the Just Arrived New Yahushaluwm in fulfillment of Revelation 21:1-4. Click Here: https://youtu.be/XzkZLaGooLE … First Messianic Leadership Speech 2015 was delivered by Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah (Last Messenger of the Hebrew Messiah–Yahushua Ha Mashiyahkh) Click Here: http://tinyurl.com/ogsa4zq More info is deposited here for you . Click Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BiafranUnityTelevision/


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