UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! THE LAST MESSENGER OF THE MOST HIGH YAH, OBIOHA ENYINNAYAH EZEKWESIRIYAH, IS DETAINED BECAUSE OF HIS ROLE IN THE RESTORATION OF THE HEBREWS A.K.A. IGBO’S AND THE AGITATION FOR THE LIBERATION OF BIAFRA. breakingNews We did not want to speculate about the reasons for the arrest and his continuous detainment before we knew exactly what the situation was. Phone conversations are challenging, he does not get the access to a phone the way a human being is supposed to get, conversations are monitored and when the personnel does not like the content of the conversation, they cut it off. Since the 12 days of his arrest we have only been able to speak with him on phone now for the third time since and what we heard is the shocking full update concerning both his own situation and the mass detainment of his fellow Hebrews a.k.a. Igbo’s. These last few days Obioha has appeared before the court which he describes as a white supremacy game with no regards to righteousness. The court made it clear that Obioha will be sent to Nigeria and the Nigerian embassy received the request to make his travel documents in order. We suspect however that Obioha will be handed over to the Nigerian authorities and get detained for his role in the agitation for the liberation of Biafra. That is IF the Nigerian embassy actually makes the travel documents to begin with. It has been clear that both Obioha and us are being lied to since day one and that it is indeed his message delivered through Facebook that led to both his arrest and continuous detainment. We were shocked to hear that all this time he has not had 1 proper meal! The detainment centre refuses to respect his Hebrew laws regarding food preparation as written in Leviticus chapter 11. The detainment centre refuses to use undefiled pans and pots for cooking and he does not have his own opportunity to cook even though their websites says that detainees have the ability to cook inside and we were told the same over the phone by both the police and the detainment centre. It is a great shock to us that all these 12 days Obioha had nothing else to eat than bread and apples! Obioha wanted me to ask the whole of Biafra that if he dies in Dutch detainment due to health issues as a result of lack of nutrition, to make sure his death would not be in vain. We ask the Biafrans that are currently in The Netherlands and all sympathizers to contact us for protests in The Netherlands against this injustice. Obioha’s role as a messenger has been fulfilled by the letter he was able to give to the ministry of ‘Justice’ and now that this has been completed, he must be set free immediately. Obioha also wanted his people to know that he makes use of the opportunity to preach to his brothers that are currently living in captivity in the same detention centre. Another shocking revelation Obioha discovered while being inside is that the detainment centre receives 300 Euro per detainee per night! Which is 9000 Euro per month for each person! Many of his fellow brothers that are with him in captivity right now have been there for months with no light in the tunnel. Clearly the captivity of the black Hebrews a.k.a. Igbo’s is a business model for the detention centre.


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