REMEMBER TO FORGET NO MORE, O; HOUSE OF THE HEBREWS–THE IGBOS, ALL OVER PLANET EARTH. UDO’NU!!! THE 12 TRIBES OF YAHSAR’AL WHO LIVE IN IGBOLAND OF BIAFRA IN WEST AFRICA; AND, WHO ARE SCATTERED ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE THE HEBREWS | HEEBOES | IGBOS=CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH YAH, CREATOR AND OWNER OF THE UNIVERSE. THEY ARE ALL CALLED IGBO AS A CORRUPTION OF HEBREW | HEEBOE | IGBO. THE 12 TRIBES OF THE HEBREWS ON EARTH STILL LIVE TOGETHER IN IGBOLAND TILL DATE–MANY HEBREWS ARE SCATTERED ALL OVER THE WORLD AS WE SPEAK. CHRISTIANS, “MANY” BLACK AND BROWN MUSLIMS AS WELL AS “MANY” BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH ARE HEBREWS –IGBOS WHO WERE FORCED TO CONVERT TO BABYLON THE GREAT (WORLD EMPIRE OF RELIGIONS) OR DIE. THESE HEBREW BROTHERS AND SISTERS CHOSE TO LIVE IN SIN INSTEAD OF DYING FOR THE SPIRITS–A RESULT OF DEUTERONOMY 28:15-68 CURSES AGAINST THE HEBREWS–THE IGBOS. The 12 Sons/Tribes of Yah’Shara’Ala (Yahsar’al) are: Raawban (Changed to Reuben); ShaMiwan (Changed to Simon); LawYah (Changed to Levi); Yahawadah (changed to Judah), Dahhniyah (Changed to Dan) Napathalyah (Changed to Naphtali); Gad (Gad); Ahshar (Changed to Asher); YahsShaKar (Changed to Issachar); Zabalawan (Changed to Zebulon) BanYahyan (changed to Benjamin); PLUS The Sons of Yahsho’v (Changed to Joseph) Ahparayam (Changed to Ephraim) Manasha (Changed to Manasseh) NOTE: All Original Hebrew–Igbo name were changed by The Roman Empire, Zionist Fake Hebrews called JEWS in IsraEL, The Vatican and All Religions, England and All Monarchies, United Nations and All Politicians, The Elite/The Rich, All Secret Societies, IMF, World Bank, Money =NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER=the Synagogue of Satan spoken about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. “Find the Igbos ANYWHERE; then, you have found the Hebrews EVERYWHERE” Obioha Ehyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah 2015 (The Last Messenger of Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh=ha’Mashiriyah–in Igbo, till date. NOW, KNOW THIS… Our Hebrew Land which was given to our ancestors by our Heavenly Father and creator-YAH was/is called YAH’SHARA’ALA in Igbo language (Yahsar’al)–now corrupted as Isra’EL. The ever hidden but now REVEALED truth is that; “EL” is a Demon a.k.a Fallen Angel a.k.a Alien or God, gods, Chi, Arusi etc=Lucifer, Satan, Devil(s)=partners to United Nations and All politicians, All Religions and Secret Societies. The Shadow Government of this World you dO not see and/or know. This REVEALED truth Cancels any usage of “EL” (as Suffix or Prefix) to define/describe the Most High YAH,–the Creator of the Universe and the maker/owner of Everything Everywhere. The Ala’yem (Alayim) of The Hebrews–The Igbos. Negative Vibrations: Example: 1. El’ohim means Demons/gods. 2. Isara’EL means land dedicated to Demons/gods _____________________________________ Positive and Fruitful Vibrations “AL” is for YAH “AL” was taken from “ALA”. “Ala” means “LAND” in Igbo Language till date. As you know, Yahsar’AL (corrupted as Isra’EL) is YAH’S own portion of LAND on Planet Earth which YAH gave to his Hebrew Bloodline–The Igbos, forever. Examples: 1. Ala’lue’YAH was corrupted as Hallelujah. (Jah is Jabulon=Demon). Ala’lue’YAH (pronounced as AlalueYAH) means in the Igbolanguage till date: “Let YAH have His own PORTION of Land”. This is what became Yah’Shara’Ala which is often pronounce as Yahsar’al and was later corrupted as Isra’EL by the Roman Empire a.k.a Zionist Fake Hebrews called Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9=Synagogue of Satan–Satanic Europeans who claimed Yahsar’al, renamed and dedicated our Hebrew Land to their EL Demon. Tufiakwaa! Aru!!! Satan was allowed to do this because the Children of Yahsharala (Yahsar’al) were under the CURSES of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Yah has forgiven his Children on the condition that they do not follow any one or thing called EL, god, Chi, Arusi, Satan, Lucifer, Alien, Demon, Fallen Angel anymore forever and ever. See the Ten Commandments and the Torah (Turah) of YAH. Example 2. Ala’ye’m (Alayem/Alayim): The Igbo words “Ala’ye’m” (Alayem/Alayim) was corrupted to EL’ohim (EL is a Demon). Ala’Ye’m (Alayem/Alayim) is Igbo language which means: “being dependent on the Land of Yahsar’al”–the Blessed Land of YAH. A direct English Translation of Ala’Ye’M (Alayem/Alayim) is “Land-Provide”. This was so because All the Hebrews Blessed the Most High YAH whenever they remember the promised land they received from the Most High YAH their Hebrew Heavenly Father. So Ala’Ye’M (Alayem/Alayim) was used as title for the Most High YAH who gave the Land (Ala) to the Hebrews–The Igbos. (Note: “NOTE: In the Igbo language, “to give” means “Ye’M” while LAND is still called “Ala” in Igbo language till date. Ala’ye’m (Alayem/Alayim)=Land-Provide | ye’m’Ala=Give-Me-Land. Till date In Igboland, “Ala” is used to bless or to Curse and “Ala” is everything to the Hebrews—The Igbos. Therefore, the Ancient Hebrew words/language is still the Igbo words/language till today (with some data corruption here and there.. Hence it is now easier for the Igbos–The True Hebrew Yahsar’alites to reconnect to their Ancient Past now that YAH is Here. it is a Miracle from YAH. All Praise YAH forever and ever. AlalueYAH!!! Example 3. In ◄ Exodus 3:14 ► You read: “The Most High said to (Moshe (changed to Moses), “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.'” This is highly misleading. Why? Because the Hebrew translation of “I AM” is “AHAYAH” which when spoken in Igbo language of today, you have Aha’Yah (meaning HIS NAME). The Vatican Roman Empire removed the SACRED name of the The Most High YAH and Lied to the World that ◄ Exodus 3:14 ►said “I AM”is the name of the Almighty YAH. However, Aha’Yah (Igbo) AHAYAH (Hebrew ) was also the topic of ◄ Exodus 3:13 ► because Moshe (Moses) said to the Most High, “Suppose I go to the Hebrews and say to them, ‘The Heavenly Father of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?”. You see how The Roman Empire and all the Religions use Language to deceive the Whole World? Revelation 12:9 and 13:14 completely fulfilled. Therefore, ◄ Exodus 3:14 ► should read as follows: “The Most High said to Moshe (changed to Moses), “I AM YAH… This is what you are to say to the Hebrews: ‘YAH… has sent me to you.'” In Igbo language, an Igbo would say: “YAH BU AHA’YAH (AHAYAH) YES!!!THE HEBREWS–THE IGBOS, ARE BACK. YAH’S SPIRITS NOW NOW RULE PLANET EARTH (MIDST ONGOING JUDGEMENT-DAY-DESTRUCTION), IN SEARCH OF HIS HEBREW BLOODLINES AS HE REUNITES HIS IGBO CHILDREN BY HIMSELF—ISAIAH 11:11-12. HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! All Praise YAH forever and ever. Ala’lue’YAH aka!!! Shaluwm! Shalayim!!! Udo na Ngozi diri Umu Igbo/Hebrew nile. This Revelation from The Most High YAH; via Yahusha HaMashiyahkh (ha’mashiriyah), is delivered this 25815 by: Angelippo#7777777_HEBREW_IGBO Angel of the Most High Creator of the Universe, maker and owner of everything everywhere assigned to the Hebrews__The Igbos on Planet Earth. Igbo=12 tribes of Yah’Shara’Ala (Yahsar’al) Warning: Never call our Hebrew Inheritance from YAH “IsraEL”anymore. Our Land and inheritance from YAH is called Yah’Shara’Ala. This is the name of the Land of the Hebrews—The Igbos Forever and ever Praising YAH. Shaluwm! Shalayim!!! Udo na Ngozi diri Umu Igbo nile.


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