My Beloved Hebrew/Igbo Brothers and sisters. YAH has done it for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Matthew 6:9-10 has Fulfilled. Welcome to the Brand New Planet your Heavenly Father promised to your forefathers. See your Blessings at Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and Revelation 21 and Isaiah. The 2ndExodus has SUCCESSFULLY happened in Spirit. It is about to manifest in your Physical reality as is already Manifesting everywhere you look. Revelation 21 has been fulfilled (still fulfilling) The Children of Gad who are the Igbo people of Biafra in West Africa are the Chosen Tribe to lead the rest of the Children of Yashar’al (Israel) back to their Yashar’al (Israel) and the New Yahushaluwm (New Jerusalem). Confirm this from the Blessing of Gad (Father of the Igbos/Biafrans) found in Genesis 49:19 The Chaos and Deaths you see around you is a part of the Judgement Day (1000 yrs Messianic Leadership of the World) which has started. Confirm from Revelation 9:18 If you are an Igbo, a Hebrew=12 tribes of Yashar’al (no matter your skin colour) leave Babylon the Great (World Empire of Religions NOW (All). All Religions of this World including Satanism would be destroyed 2015-??? More than 2 Billion People would be Killed during this Judgement Day of 1000yrs. See See Revelation 18:4 Start Praising and thanking the Most High-YAH who made this possible. Thank also His anointed King for Planet Earth-Messiah-Peace Be Unto Him–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh. Avoid anything called Sin: Homosexuality, Fornication, Adultery, Lying, Materialism, hatred—Obey the Ten Commandments of the Host High Completely. Shaluwm!!! Angelippo#2112_H_Gad Angel of the Most High-YAH assigned to the House of Gad_Igbo people of Biafra.


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