LAUNCHING! LAUNCHING!! LAUNCHING!!! ICT FOR HEBREW-YOUTHS’ EMPOWERMENT. …because knowledge ends poverty… …a digital Hebrew is an empowered Igbo… Powered by Yah! Ala’lue’Yah! Praise be Yah! HEBREW RESTORATION ROADMAP LAUNCHING 61116. DIGITAL_HEBREW PROJECT 2016. ICT4HEBREW_YOUTHS. DATE: 6/11/2016 TIME: 4:00pm VENUE: Umueze Village Hall @ AmaIgbo STATE: In Imo State COUNTRY: Biafra aka Igboland (aka Hebrewland) WWW.BIAFRA.LAND BUTv: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BiafranUnityTelevision/ Yahs Calendar: https:/butv.biafra.land/yahs-all-in-one-calendar/ An initiative of ArtKidsFoundation​ Twitter: @ArtKids Website: www.artkidsfoundation.org Donate via Paypal: payments@artkidsfoundatoun.org or Via Bank Account: NL92 INGB 0006 6290 81 Swift/BIC: INGBNL2A


  1. Obinna How to be a participants

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