NOTE: TODAY IS THE 10TH DAY OF THE 8 MOON IN YAH´S CALENDAR (YC) Surely, you still remember that we used to have “Onwa Ohuru” celebration in our own Igboland of Biafra in west Africa–Yes! we celebrated New Moon Day in Igboland before the wicked Satanic forces destroyed our `Nwanne` principles.(Nwanne means Bloodline relation) NOW THEREFORE–UNDERSTAND AND USE YOUR NEW HEBREW a.k.a IGBO SPIRITUAL GPS CALLED YAH´S CALENDAR (YC). In this restored Yah´s Calendar (YC), the New Moon is the indicator of the 1st Day of the Moon (Month)=Day 1. Without seeing the New Moon Crescent, you will not know the first day (New Moon= from Darkness to light=symbolizes Rebirth=a new beginning=something to celebrate in praise of the Most High YAH) Yah´s calendar (YC) has 28 Days ONLY. The 29th and the 30th Days are Observation Days in search of the New Moon Crescent for a New Beginning. Indeed! The 29th and the 30th Days are Observation Days in search of New Moon Crescent in Yahu’Shi’Ala’Nye’M–pronounced: YahuShiAlaNyem==(The TRUE Jerusalem). Once the New Moon Crescent is seen, the Watcher in YahuShiAlaNyem (The TRUE Jerusalem) announces on the Internet that New Moon has been seen The New Moon Celebration takes effect Worldwide as we used to it do before in Igboland and in our Ancient Hebrew culture. All Praise YAH forever and ever! Alalueyah!!! Now that the Watcher has announced the sighting of the New Moon Crescent, then the counting starts with: Day 1 through Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5–on the Evening of the 6th Day (by Twilight; when Stars appear) Shi-Ha´Bátá (Shabbat Rest) starts. From that 6th Day twilight through the 7th Day twilight we are with our Heavenly Hebrew a.k.a Igbo Family resting with our Heavenly Father Ab YAH with sacred and pure program of activities dedicated to the Most High YAH: Singing, PraisingYAH, teaching, learning, eating, Dancing4YAH, advising one another etc. By the twilight/Sundown of the 7th Day, we close Shi-Ha’Bátá (Shabbat). The 1st Week in Yah´s Calendar (YC) has Ended Week 2 starts on the 8th Day through 9th Day, 10th Day, 11th Day, 12th Day– on the 13th Day twilight (When the Stars of The Most High Ab YAH appear in the Heaven)–the 2nd Shi-Ha´Bátá (Shabbat Rest) begins and lasts through the 14th Twilight/Sundown then is closed. The 2nd Week in Yah´s Calendar (YC) has Ended Third Week begins on the 15th Day, 16th Day, 17th Day, 18th Day, 19th Day –on the 20th Day twilight (When the Stars of Ab YAH Appear), the 3rd Shi-Ha’Bátá begins and lasts through the 21st Day Twilight then is closed with lots of praise songs (make new songs for Ab YAH). The 3rd Week in Yah´s Calendar (YC) has Ended The 4th Week begins on the 22nd Day through 23rd Day, 24th Day, 25th Day, 26th Day–on the 27th Day Twilight (When the Stars of Ab YAH appear), the 4th and last Shi-Ha´Bátá (Shabbat Rest) begins and lasts through the 28th Day of the Moon (Month) Twilight and then is closed. COUNTING ENDS HERE AS THE MOON DISAPPEARS TO GET REBORN AGAIN.: ______________________________ HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW MOON? THIS BECOMES A PRIORITY FOR ALL HEBREWS a.k.a IGBOS WORLDWIDE: On the 29th Day Twilight (When the Stars of the Most high Ab YAH Appear), the Observation of the Sky in search of the New Moon Crescent begins. If our New Moon Crescent is seen in YahuShiAlaNyem on the 29th Day, then the first (1st) Day of the New Moon (Month) is declared and counting starts so as to determine the first Shi-Ha´Bátá (Shabbat Rest) which perpetually falls on the 6th Twilight through 7th Twilight–13th through 14th–20th through 21th and finally 27th through 28th (By Twilight, when the Stars of YAH come together.) If the New Moon was not seen in YahuShiAlaNyem (The TRUE Jerusalem) on the 29th Day of the Moon (Month), then the observation of the sky in search of New Moon Crescent is extended to the 30th Day (2 Days Observation=Witness) –If New moon is seen on the 30th Day, then the 1st Day of the New Moon (Month) is declared WHAT THEN HAPPENS IF THE NEW MOON IS NOT SEEN ON THE 30TH DAY ALSO? Then 1st Day of the New Moon (month) is declared. Yah´s Calendar knows no 31st Day. This Calendar is called Yah´s All-in-One Calendar because the only thing that changes is the Moon (Month). Moon1, Moon2, Moon3, Moon4, Moon5, Moon6, Moon7, Moon8, Moon9, Moon10, Moon11, Moon12==THE 12 TRIBES OF YAH´SHARA´ALA (Our Land is not IsraEL–EL is a Demon). Just as the Most High YAH does not change, so are also his days–they do not change. There are ONLY 28 Days for four (4) Shi’Ha’Bátá (Shabbat) in each of the 12 Moon circle. (12 means `Universal Completeness` or `Universal Perfection`). All Praise AB YAH forever and ever. Alalueyah!!! We are now in the 8th Moon of the year 2015–thus, the next Moon (Month) is the 9th Moon. This calendar is approved by the Hebrew a.k.a Igbo Messiah–king of Kings- -Yahu´si´ya Ha´Mashiriyah who is now in Leerdam of the Netherlands waiting for YAH´s Appointed time to reunite with you all his Igbo a.k.a Hebrew brothers and sisters. Shi-AlaÓma!!! All Praise YAH forever and ever! Alalueyah!!! Feel Free to ask Questions. Angelippo#7777777_I_H_Y


  1. BETTY HENRY Did you inculcate the 13th moon this year? Today is the last Shabbat of the 2nd moon. Here in America some of us are counting the days of the omer. Most Black Hebrews in America keep Pope Saturday as Sabbath.
    1. admin Dear Betty, Thank you for your comment and your interest in our site. First of all I want to say that only the Creator will reveal us the truth about how He intended us to follow His Creation Calender. And I want to Emphasize that the spirit of confusion should be replaced by faith in the Most High, that He teaches us all we need to know and Improve on the journey to His Kingdom. As for your question: Yes, we have incorporated the 13th moon in our counting for we acknowledge last year to be a leap year, but we have adopted the Kush Counting, under the guidance of King Binyamu Selaymun of the Bete Yisrael Kingdom, where The 13th moon counting takes place in the last week of the 12th moon. Effectively separating us from the Jewish counting and the Counting in Tel Arad. We are convinced that the Almighty will unite us all and reveal the indisputable Truth to all His children in the End. So pleas don't worry. All of us have been deceived and the road to the Truth is a Journey for everybody. We are working hard to share and add our discoveries to the sum of the total. All you van do for the other brothers is pray and share. The rest is up to The Heavenly Father, and to the Willingness of the People to seek out Truth for Themselves, even if it costs them to leave the Group. You have to remember that the Enemy has sought to even change times and seasons, i.e. with the use of the roman pagan calendar, so the Journey is a long one. Salam, Peace be unto You Betty, Ezri (Administrator @ BUTv)

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