Angelic Report 27715/12TY-HC/Angelippo#727_H_Gat (Gad)=Igbos of Genesis 46:16 and 49:19.

Angelic Report 27715/12TY-HC/Angelippo#727_H_Gat (Gad)=Igbos of Genesis 46:16 and 49:19. Beloved Hebrews/Igbos:12 tribes of Yashar’al and all Hebrews by faith. Greetings to you all. Peace Be Unto You!!!!!!! Shaluwm!!!!!!!!!!!! ! On behalf of the Most High YAH, creator of the Universe whose good name cannot be misused; and, on behalf of the Just-Arrived-Hebrew Yashar’al’s anointed (Messiah)–Peace Be Unto Him–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh, I tender this report for your information with regards to the Global Announcement of the Arrival of the Black Hebrew Messiah held in Leerdam of The Netherlands on this 26715. Pre-Info: First of all, let us remind you that the Original Children of Yashar’al (Yashar’al was corrupted as Israel); the Blessed 12 tribes of Yashar’al are ALL Black Hebrews by Bloodline and by faith. After these, we also have the Hebrew Converts who joined the Hebrew family (by faith). Thus, the Hebrews are the most colourful among nations–Blacks and Whites and Brown and Fair-coloured Spirit Beings (You are not Human Beings but Spiritual Beings=Next Lecture). Igbo people of Biafra in West Africa as well as many tribes in Nigeria and all over the World make up the Kingdom of Yashar´al (YAH knows his Children=Hebrew Bloodline). Angelic Report 27715/12TY-HC/Angelippo#727_H_Gat (Gad)=Igbos of Genesis 49:19. As you must have heard or read (as far as is true), Yahusha was born and brought-up in a humble, Spiritual and very normal family. Our King and our most righteous and loving but strict Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh promised that he would come back `the same way he left. He was Killed by the same Roman Empire a.k.a Vatican and the Zionist Pharisee which gave you the same Religions of Christianity, Islam, Hindu and other Religions of Babylon the Great. Revelation 18:4 Be reminded that your Popes,Pastors, Bishops, so-called “Fathers”, Imams and leaders/clergy of Babylon the Great (World Empire of False Religion=All Religions are FALSE); they are “wolves in sheep clothing” who deceived you by knowingly teaching you the footsteps of Lucifer and Satan a.k.a Vatican a.k.a Roman Empire (The Serpent). This is how Revelations 12:9 and 13:14 got fulfilled. AllaluwYAH. So, you were deceived to believe that the Messiah is coming down from Heaven following the Vatican (Roman Empire) deceit and lies– that their Jesus (Je Zeus) went back to heaven and many eyes saw him. This is a malicious lie that led to your deception among many other lies. Our Heavenly Father is a Spirit -not a showbiz maker. You see the results of his wisdom, creativity and creations without seeing the moments of manifestations. This is the case with nature. Isn’t it? Rome and Zionist Fake Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 killed the Black Hebrew Messiah/Yahusha who died and was buried like every other man. It was at the moment of Death that our brother and Messiah went back to heaven, This happened in Spirit not physically as was Lied by Rome a.k.a Vatican. So the truth is that the Black Hebrew Messiah did not visually go back to the Heaven but did Spiritually go back to the Heaven. This happened at the moment of his death, the spirit left back to where it came from and then he said in Acts 1:11; that he will come back the same way. This means that our Heavenly Father would re-send his Messiah´s Spirit (the Spirit of King David) through another Black Hebrew Child born to ta Decent spiritual Hebrew Family in this World; just as Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh was born to a Decent Hebrew Family in this World. (Not by a Virgin=Vatican Lie). The Black Hebrew Messiah was born like anyone of you, only that he possessed and he possessed YAH´s Spirits (The Spirit of Wisdom and Powers from YAH). Just yesterday, 26715, our most gracious and most merciful Hebrew Heavenly Father unveiled the one among the Children of Yashar’al who now possess the Spirit of King David and who is directly accountable to Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh-the anointed King for Planet Earth. Anointed By YAH, Shaluwm! While addressing the People of Leerdam; in the Netherlands on the 26715, Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah (The Last Messenger of the Black Hebrew Messiah–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh) narrated the ineligible genesis of the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 being the reason for the unavoidable Deceptions, hardship, Sufferings, Marginalization, deaths, imprisonment, as a result of betrayals by the Popes, Bishops,Pastors, Imams, the Clergy, the Politicians and the Rich of Babylon the Great (World Empire of Religions). See Revelation 13. See also this video: From the provided video, you would see that the reason for your sufferings and all what you have been through is that your ancestors broke their convent with the Most High and followed the same God and gods you have been worshiping ever since knowingly or unknowingly. The God and gods of Babylon the Great (Zeus and Amen-Ra -the Amen which you sheepishly chorus after praying to Zeus, the God of Vatican, United Nations, Money and all Secretly Societies). Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah (The Last Messenger of the Black Hebrew Messiah–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh) also explained that it was the disobedience of the Torah (Ten Commandment) of the Most High YAH which resulted in those calamities which the Children of Yashar’al (12 tribes including the Igbo people and Biafrans) went through. Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah also brought the good news which most of you have been waiting for- forgiveness of your sins, the restoration of the Kingdom of Yashar’al and the re-building of the Sacred Temple of YAH in the just-arrived New Yahushalayim. Yes! she has arrived—see her here: With Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah (The Last Messenger of the Black Hebrew Messiah–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh) were 12 Stones and three Ancient Keys. Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah explained that the 12 stones are for the 12 tribes of Yashar’al while the three Ancient Keys are the keys to spiritually open the gates for your return back to the Promised land of Yashar’al as the Fake Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9– vacate your inheritance-your home-your Yashar’al. Welcome the 2ndEXODUS to the Promised. AllaluwYAH. Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah reminded all Hebrews of the 12 tribes of Yashar’al and all Hebrew Converts that we are not Christians or Muslims or Hindus or of any faith of Babylon the Great but are Hebrews. Hebrew is a very normal way of living your daily lives by putting YAH first in everything you do. To achieve this, you are all required to henceforth obey the Ten Commandments of the Most High YAH and STRICTLY observe the Sabbaths without Worldly distractions. and/or corruptions. Behave as one who is set apart for YAH. AVOID ANYTHING CALLED SIN HENCEFORTH OR YOU WILL DIE. On behalf of YAH, Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah (The Last Messenger of the Black Hebrew Messiah–Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh) announced that the Sins because of which the children of Yashar’al were Cursed have been COMPLETELY FORGIVEN by our Most Merciful and Most gracious Hebrew Heavenly Father-YAH. A reason for Celebrations all over the world. NO SIN-NO DEATH=EVERLASTING LIFE HENCEFORTH! While you celebrate, avoid repeating the sins for which you have been punished; avoid, oppose and reject Fornication (Defilement of highly spiritual ritual), Adultery, Lying, Materialism, Democracy, Human leadership, Crimes, love of money (you do not need money because Father created the planet for you and gave everything Freely to you-the End of Money is now),–see the Sacred Ten Commandment of the Most High YAH in Exodus 20 for further direction. Shaluwm!!! HOW TO IDENTIFY THE SPIRIT OF THE HEBREW MESSIAH (21st Century King David of Yashar´al): 1. The True Hebrew Yashar’al’s Messiah is a BLACK Hebrew Man See the Description of the Messiah (Anointed) Daniel 10:6 and Revelation 1:14-15. 2. When the Almighty YAH anoints a King for his People, he equips that King with the Spirits of Wisdom, Power, discernment, Understanding and Justice. These must be clearly seen and felt by All Hebrews before you could be convinced that that one is the chosen of the Most High YAH. The King of Yishar’al MUST be wisest of all beings that live. This is a MUST 3. The anointed King of Yashar´al is no respecter of Money, yet he is richer than any king that lives because the Most High YAH is his source and resource. 4. No Corruption of any type is to be found with the 21st Century King of Yashar’al. Start with the history of the one who claims to be Possessed by the Hebrew Messiah´s Spirit as the king David of the 21st Century. 5. The King of Yashar´al must love the people of Yashar´al more than he loves himself. He must be the best teacher of his time, teaching his people the truth and only the truth. YAH is the TRUTH. 6. The King of Yashar´al hates Lucifer, Satan, their demons, their human agents who are: Pope Francis, Barrack Obama, Kings, Queens, Royal Families, Cardinals, Jesuit Order, Secret Societies, Pastors, Imams, the Clergy, the Politicians and the wicked and all their institutions. 7. EXCLUSIVE DEVOTION: The anointed King of Yashar´al puts YAH first before anyone else. No negotiations! Thank you all for your time and we believe that this information would help calm you all down and prepare you for the 2ndEXODFUS ahead from 28715. As a matter of organization, Biafran Unity Television´s official Website (See image below) and FB group are your depots for truthful and Spiritual directions of the 12 tribes of Yashar´al and all Hebrews. Welcome to Paradise Matthew 6:9-10 has fulfilled. AllaluwYAH. Please note: Most of the Black Muslims are Hebrews. Father is now uniting you as Isaiah 11:11-12 fulfills! Peace Be Unto all Hebrew Children of the 12 tribes of Yashar´al and the Hebrews Shaluwm!!! “Touch not my anointed!” Says YAH. This Message is delivered this 27715 by: Angelippo#727_H_(Gat) Gad. Angel of the Most High-YAH assigned to the House of Gat (Gad)=Igbo people of Biafra/Worldwide° Genesis 49:19 NOTE: 2ndEXODUS NOW. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 12 TRIBES OF YASHAR’AL (ISRAEL)-COLLECT YOUR BLESSINGS FROM DEUTERONOMY 28:1-14. SEE THE NEW YAHUSHALAYIM (JERUSALEM) OF REVELATION 21:1-4 WHICH JUST ARRIVED…CLICK HERE: …


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