Negative Forces

Lucifer/Satan/Secret Societies Just as there are positive and negative; yes and no, good and bad; 1 and 0, so also, there are the Almighty Yah the Creator and his opposer called Lucifer-Satan. Following natural laws and universal orders, humans are not allowed to see the spiritual beings. As lower spirits, human beings are made a little lower than the angels. Remember that we called Lucifer-Satan the challenger of The Almighty I AM of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael)-Yah of Abraham, it is quite unfortunate that an angel like Lucifer could suddenly allow greed to turn his Holy mission to an agent of destruction which he (Lucifer-Satan) later became. Having introduced all players in this short movie; let us explain what went wrong, when, how and why. AdamEveLucifer sinned against his creator-The I AM of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) by lying and deceiving the first woman who later also deceived her husband. Lucifer lied to Adam and Eve by misinforming them when he told Eve that she should go for the knowledge of good and evil without minding divine instruction from their Creator-The Almighty not to do so. Lucifer went further to lie to Eve by saying that human beings would not die if they disobey their Creator as was declared by the True Yah to Adam and Eve after their creation. Thus Lucifer called the true Yah of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) a liar. Troubles erupted when Eve disobeyed Yah by eating from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Technologies). In fact, it was the intention of the Creator that human beings would be like children while gradually acquiring knowledge through experiences as they multiply and subdue the Earth as was commanded by their Creator. Because of this unforgivable sin committed by Lucifer/Satan, the Almighty Yah of Abraham judged and condemned Lucifer/Satan to everlasting destruction. Yah however decided to allow time to pass so as to prove to us, the humans, that he is neither a liar nor a wicked father as was accused by Lucifer 6000 years have passed since the creation of human beings. All this time, Lucifer has been challenging his creator´s righteous directions and instructions to the human family by revealing sacred secrets from the spiritual realms to the human beings; a spiritual abomination thus. Since nature disallows Lucifer and his servants (demons) from appearing before the sons and daughters of men, Lucifer would need human vessels to operate from. Logically, operating a pyramid structure would allow Lucifer to deceive the entire human race. illuminati-dollar-1This is how we got the pyramid government structure used by United Nations and all the governments of all countries in planet Earth. This is how Secret Societies like Freemasonry, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Ogboni Fraternity and others started. They are all connected to the gods of Egypt, Babylon, Rome and Greece-ancient gods still active till date. Through these Secret Societies, Lucifer then formed the League of Nations, then the United Nations and finally the New World Order. Remember that the Almighty Yah has an appointed time to destroy Lucifer/Satan, his demons and his human agents. This is the reason for the troubles you see around you and hear in the news in this year 2014, 2015-??????. This is the great tribulation which our Black Hebrew Messiah warned true Christians about. Just as was prophesied by the TRUE God, this Great Tribulation would lead the world into the fearful day of our creator-Armageddon.


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