Messianic Leadership Speech 2015 code1212 playlist

Messianic Leadership Speech 2015 code1212 playlist Published on Jun 12, 2015 {VIDEO&TEXT:12062015}: MESSIANIC LEADERSHIP SPEECH 2015 —CODE#1212 —DELIVERED BY OBIOHA ENYINNAYAH EZEKWESIRIYAH–THE LAST MESSENGER OF THE HEBREW MESSIAH-YAHUSHUA HA MASHIYAK See also: Messianic Leadership Speech 2015 Pt#1
GOOD NEWS TO THE HOUSE OF YISHRA´EL AND THE HEBREWS AS WELL AS ALL IGBOS a.k.a BIAFRANS OCCASIONS: 1. DURING THE REMEMBRANCE OF BIAFRAN HEROES AND HEROINES/INDEPENDENCE –DAY-3OTH MAY 2015. 2: SPIRITUAL HAND-OVER OF THE KEYS TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER’S NEW PLANET EARTH UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE HEBREWS A.K.A 12 TRIBES OF YISHRA’EL. BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS THE KINGDOM OF THE HEBREWS/IGBOS a.k.a BIAFRANS. MATTHEW 6:9-10 NOW FULFILLED. HALLEWLUYAH!!!!!!! This Message is delivered by Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah The Last Messenger of the Black Hebrew Messiah. Servant of the Most High-Creator of the Universe For more information, divine messages and answers to your complicated questions, visit WWW dot BIAFRA dot LAND Facebook:…… Email:


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