Natural Water Purifier

It is said and believed that Knowledge is power. Do Africans also believe this? Africans Must and Should seek Knowledge and understanding so that they can become rich in wisdom which automatically translates to wealth and material acquisition. Remember King Solomon. LEARN HOW COCOANUT SHELL AND CHARCOAL WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS WORK… For many decades activated carbon has been indispensable for treating drinking water. Alongside the ion exchanger activated carbon plays the main role in MAVEA filter cartridges. The activated carbon that we use is made exclusively of coconut shells and activated via hot water vapour. The purpose of activated carbon is to absorb substances such as chlorine which impair the smell or the taste from the water.


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Today's Date is

night 312
Moon 12

12th Moon was Sighted on
2019-1-07 17:07 Asia/Jerusalem (Greg.)

12th Moon was Sighted in Tel Arad.

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