I hope my Hebrew/Igbo brothers and Sisters are monitoring prophecies: The time is due…

  Published on Mar 24, 2015 I will put two articles up concerning this massive crab die-off. The LA Times is very careful in heir wording concerning this massive die-off. There seems to be a massive die-off of sea life happening in California as we speak. The article could be written in such a away, as to not set panic to residents.
LA TIMES: Drawn north by warm ocean waters, thousands of candy-red crabs rarely seen in coastal Southern California have washed ashore in Newport Beach. The tiny red pelagic crabs came ashore with the high tide this week, scampering across the sands, bobbing in the shallow waters and adding a splash of color to the beachfront. “They look like baby lobsters,” said Kevin Kramp, a Balboa Island resident who spotted a cluster of the crustaceans relaxing in the shade of a dock. “Someone get the butter.” The crabs, known as Pleuroncodes planipes, are about 4 inches long, have three small legs on each side of their bodies and two pincers in front, much like a miniature lobster. Their tails are segmented, causing them to swim backward. The crabs more often inhabit the warm waters along the lower west coast of Baja California, experts say, and are believed to spend the majority of the year hiding on sandy ocean bottoms…


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