Unknown to many African and Hebrews, no movie was ever made for entertainment. Movies are made to indirectly inform the general public of what is to come for or against them and the promotion of Immorality and materialism to break you down spirituality. There is a natural law (Universal Law from our Creator) that demands that people MUST be informed before any attacked Since more than 60 years now, Movies were chosen as the best means of informing the general public of that which is coming against them. The unseen deception is calling these movies ” ENTERTAINMENT” which makes people relax, while believing that they are being entertained.
The years 2015 through 2017 would be worse than any other year this world has ever endured qua Chaos, Terrorism, Deaths, Wars, Viruses, illnesses and many other Evils. Why? Great Tribulation and Armageddon. Now watch these trailers to understand what is coming. Umunne, open your eyes.


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Today's Date is

night 276
Moon 12

12th Moon was Sighted on
2019-1-07 17:07 Asia/Jerusalem (Greg.)

12th Moon was Sighted in Tel Arad.

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