Igbo Research Centre (IgboTech) Innoson motorsThe Creator of the Hebrews (Igbos) YAH being the creator of the universe is also the owner of science, technologies and every solution. When obeyed, YAH inspires his people to creativity in all aspects of life. YAH has always worked so closely with his children that he produces the measurement of constructions requiring critical thinking. Examples are the Ark of the Covenant and the Sacred Temples. Igbo Research Institute (IgboTech) is more a spiritual institution than a scientific one. The reason for this is our belief that once YAH comes first, every other thing will follow, hence we thank our Almighty Father and Creator-YAH for his Inspirations, mercies and blessings. The secret of invention is the careful observation of the nature (where nature represent the universe). That is exactly what every scientist does. Careful observation, critical thinking, brainstorming, documentation, experiments, production, testing and then launch of the product. We are confident that we are equal to the task as more innovations would be needed than inventions, although both are required. Igbotech does not follow the conventional educational system but instead follows the Biafran Practice Oriented Knowledge Transfer System through which people are directly taught what they need to know to achieve what they want to achieve within the shortest time known to man. With this system, all serious-minded Biafran youths would be trained in just few years with practical experience as they leave IgboTech. Knowledge and wisdom belong to YAH, the creator of knowledge and everything-everywhere. We shall be bringing you updates as we progress with this knowledge transfer initiative via IGBOTECH.


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