2014-2017 PROJECT

Digital_Biafra Project:

DigitalBiafraDigital-Biafra aims to install the needed hardware and use the associated software plus fast internet and other technologies to digitize Biafran communication, information, trainings, education, industries, trading, manufacturing, government/Biafran-people relationship (E-Government Systems and Sub-Systems), and other investments in Biafraland.

Biafra needs fast and reliable (well secured) Intranet/Internet connectivity as well as computer usage knowledge.  Through our Biafran Internet Systems/Subsystems—BISS NETWORKS, we have concluded feasibility studies of internet penetrations, appreciation, know-how, IT Businesses as well as IT needs in Biafraland. These feasibility studies were carried out by a team of Biafran ICT Experts led by Engr. Obioha Ezekwesiri (ICT) —The Biafran Microcomputer Scientist.

It is said in Igbo that: “àgbako onu nyua amiri, ya a’gbaa ufufu”. The door is still open for Biafran IT experts who would like to join The Digital _Biafra Team to bring the change Biafra deserves. Also open is our door for investors who would genuinely love to invest in Biafraland on win/win terms with righteousness as the pillar of the business relationship. To participate, sponsor or invest in the Digital _Biafra project, Contact BUTv


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