Also on the area of Telecom, Biafran scientists are innovating the now almost-dead Biafran Telecom using research results from IgboTech. Following the just concluded Digital _Biafra Feasibility Study, Biafran scientists are confident that innovations made possible by Biafra Telecom is not only achievable but assured; using availableHow_VoIP_Worksle and to-be-invented Made in Biafra (MIB) Technological Solutions and Gadgets, success our guaranteed. To be powered by Angelic Solutions. Biafra Telecom (Under Digital _Biafra Projects) aims to solve the communication challenges in Biafraland. The communication challenges faced by Biafran  is our rural areas  is not  being able to efficiently communicate with their children in the exile (Diaspora). Now that Biafra has gone Theocratic and anchored on YHWH Elohim, the inspiration to develop the Biafran Telecom will come from YHWH Elohim. Our team of Biafran scientists are led by the spirit of the Most High-the creator of communication and laws of communication found in the Nature. Investors and participants can contact the Digital _Biafra Team. Click here


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