Death of Democracy

The Secrets, Failure and Death of Democracy Since men rejected the leadership of their Creator-the Yah of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael), direct and indirect fellowship of Lucifer/Satan who not only tolerates sins but enjoys them took over the soul of many in the name of freedom. Men then invented different types of governments to lead themselves. The Almighty Yah warned men in Jeremiah 10: 23 when he said: `…I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps`. Notwithstanding, men invented traditional ruler ship, Totalitarianism, Oligarchy, Monarchy, Feudalism, Communism, Capitalism, Democracy etc., against the leadership of The Creator of Everything Everywhere-The Almighty Yah of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael). 6000 years have passed and the human race has gone through all these systems of government and we can all attest to the bitter reality that they have all failed the human race. Finally, Yah’s Kingdom has finally become the only solution to the human problems as we behold today-terrorism, viruses, hatred, wickedness, materialism, competition, greed, covetousness, sexual immorality, idolatry, Satanism, marginalization, humiliation, domination, superiority and other evils. Say no to Satan and Lucifer. Follow-the Almighty Yah to be saved. Judgement days are here.

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