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HAARP Documentary

HAARP (Frankenscience) Documentary – Ionospheric Weapons System – World War 3 – Chemtrails – WW3. Our Atmosphere is now a weapon!!! People Animals Nature being destroyed HAARP – Ionospheric Weapon System – World War 3 – Artificial Plasma Communication — Documentary — Ground Based Stars Wars System — Electromagnetic Warfare — Weather Modification — Earthquakes […]
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The Signs of God’s Existence

BUTv LinkCasts educational, inspiring and/or historical documentaries-documentaries meant to open your eyes once and for all times.Until now, the Mainstream Media has been feeding you Lies in support of Corrupt Politicians, Corrupt Religious leaders, Immorality and outright Satanism. BUTv Documentaries aim to open your eyes without any cost whatsoever. The Time Is Due.
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