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Ekwe’ Kwuo, Ama’ Agbaa! IgboTownCrierThere are both blessings and responsibilities in being Igbos spiritually, mentally and physically. Igbo people of Biafra originated from ancient Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael). Being the Children of E’ri, N’ri and Gad, Igbo people are among the 10 lost tribes of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael). There has been a gross identity theft perpetrated against the children of The True Power of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) by the children of the devil-the Gentiles, Romans, Egyptians and Babylonians. As you know, Igbo people are very intelligent, but also very-very stubborn. While these characters brought the independence which is often seen as FREEDOM, it led the Igbo aka Hebrew people of Biafra (Yisraelites) to rejecting The Almighty Yah (falsely named Chi’NaÉke) their creator. As a result, Igbo’s and other children of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) where sent on exile/slavery to Babylon and on another occasion to Egypt. On both occasions, our people followed their hosts in worshipping their gods, thereby provoking Our Father and Yah-The I AM of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael). Finally, The Power of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) allowed the Roman Empire which was/is controlled by the Babylonian-Egyptian Sun god (Amen-Ra) and the gods of Freemasonry and Illuminati to force the scattering of the 10 lost tribes of Israel all over the world till this day. This happened in the year 70 AD in Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) and in Jerusalem. The implication of this ugly revelation of Igbo people being one of the lost tribes of the original Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) is that Igbo people truly do not know how to deal with this situation. To better understand what happened to the Children of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) and why 10 tribes got lost, read Deuteronomy 28. A prayer leader at the Ghihon Synagogue raises his arms in prayeHowever terrible this is, prophesies have been fulfilled. One of such prophesies is recorded in Deuteronomy 28:1-End. We encourage all to read this biblical prophecy which has accurately found its fulfilment on the 10 lost tribes of Israel among whom are the Igbo people of Biafra (the Children of Gad- one of the sons of Yisrael) are one.
Now that we know that we have been deceived, following another interesting prophecy recorded in Revelation 12:9, what are we going to do about it? BUTv has gone Back2Basics by encouraging all Deceived Christians to reject the Vatican, Roman Catholic and other church doctrines such as Sunday Worship (Sun god worship), Christmas Celebration (Pagan return of Light Celebration), Idolatry (…the use of images in worship is a spiritual atrocities prohibited by The Almighty Yah-See Exodus 20:4-5), Trinity etc.  


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