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BUTv Africa BUTvAfrica‘Rethinking the Role of the Media” has ever been the motto of BUTv. As we walk away from corrupt journalism where lies are used as tools for mass deceptions, BUTv creates avenues for common people like you and I to air their opinions or participate in dialogues concerning the improvement of their own lives. One of such means is our highly appreciated U-REPORT@ BUTv programme. Through this interface, people around the world can finally report what they see without depending on corrupt and compromised Mainstream Media and private media organizations. This way, the truth can no longer be covered and people are reporting what they are witnessing and/or experiencing. To make use of this Golden Opportunity, fill in this form and upload your video Clip. Click Here: LinkCasting@BUTv: Youtube_small_logoFacebook_small_logoTwitter_logoLinkedInSeeing that wealth is not the main reason for sharing information, greed will NEVER motivate our news reporters to withhold information, neither shall we fail to share the good works of others. As we hunt for the truth, we shall leave no stone unturned when exposing Satan and his human agents -the politicians and the elite. Alert BUTv of your already published videos and we shall LinkCast them with more than 19 million people in and outside of BUTv. U-REP@BUTv (Everyone is a reporter) JHave you always wanted to represent BUTv in Africa? Now is your chance to accomplish that goal. Yes, you can represent BUTv anywhere in Africa as an Indigenous Biafran Liberation Activist armed with Video Camera. As a Certified BUTv REP., you will be equipped with knowledge through various trainings (mostly on-line trainings). After these MEDIA ABCD trainings, you would become either a Producer, Cameraman, Editor, Graphic Designer, Presenter, Actor, Actress etc. The Biafran Youths and Women are encouraged to utilize this opportunity. To become a Certified BUTv U-REP, fill in this form.Click Here


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