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U-REP Intl.@BUTv   (Media-Power has gone back to the People) GlobeUnfortunately, the reason why the World has been deceived to the extent we have all been deceived by our governments and Mainstream Media organizations is that smaller Media houses depend on larger Media houses or News Depots to collect their daily News. The ugly implication of this laxity is that smaller Media houses have ended up spreading the lies concocted by the Larger Media Houses. To solve this problem once and for all times, Media Power has been returned back to the Indigenous people- people like you and I. For that reason, BUTv has also initiated U-REP Intl.@BUTv As it now stands, BUTv is calling on People from the International Community-people who want and love the truth to make adequate use of their Cameras and GSM and join the BUTv Family. It does not matter if you are a Black, white, green, Yellow, Red, Brown or even colourless human being. As far as you speak and love the truth, then you can work with BUTv. Do you have Digital Video Camera or (DV or HD) or a smart phone with Cam, then contact BUTv now


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