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web-design-weston-super-mareBiafran DTP/Website Design Services provides you with professional website designs; from event sites to health, lifestyle, adventure, education and invention or just a commercial website and email subsystem for your own company. Is it not funny that most African companies use FREE websites and Free Email such as www.yourcompany.yahoo.co.uk -with a disgraceful email address such as yourcompany@yahoo.co.uk.?

ecommerce1For your information, this is the reason why many international companies look down on the African business community. Once a Western business man/woman receives your email and sees that you neither have your own website nor your own email subsystem, your message is discarded as garbage. Yet another reason why it is advisable for you to have your own up-to-date website is to make a profit.

Did you know that your website can generate income for you while you sleep or relax? Yes!

Using E-commerce and E-Payment subsystems, Biafran DTP/Website Design Services develops money-generating websites where your transactions are automated and handled over the computer. Through this E-Commerce and E-Payment driven website, you will sell your goods all over the world and have the funds paid to you once the buyer confirms the good quality of your product(s). This way you run your main shop on the internet (on-line) reaching customers from around the world. This is one of the ways your own website can generate income for you. Do you want to create a professional website or a hobby website? Then contact Biafran DTP/Website Design Services today


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