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Knowledge is power as well as information is power, knowledge is more powerful than information because one must know something before one can inform others about it.

BiafraInstituteIn this  21st Century, the knowledge of ICT (computer usage) is the beginning of the reduction of poverty on individual levels and on corporate levels. The truth is that a student with sound computer knowledge would be able to earn more than workers and some business people because he earns his money using the computer and the internet. The same way a trader who uses the computer to organize his goods and handle his transactions would be better organized and more prosperous than his competitors. Yet many Africans do not have sound computer knowledge.Biafran ICT Institute has intervened with what we call Computer ABCD and Technology XYZ trainings (Basics and Advanced). MCPThe unique thing about Biafran ICT Institute training is that we do not teach you everything about how the computer works but teach you only that which is needed in your area of specialization for profitability and accountability. Via Biafran_ICT Institute, you would be prepared to obtain The Basic African Computer Driver’s License (ACDL Certification=ECDL Certification). Biafra_ICT Institute prepares students and participants for high-level ICT professional certifications such as CCNE, MSCE, MSCA, ACP, Webmaster, Database Manager/Admin, 3D Modeling, Game Design, VRLM etc. Enroll today and become computer literate in a matter of weeks or in just few months. Click here:


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