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Technology Consultancy (Pro.) Since technologies determine your profit, organization, accuracy, data storage, information dissemination, transactions, E-commerce, E-payment, Import & Export, etc., many companies prefer to outsource these services in order to have time for other jobs. Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy works with professional consultants around the world. Functioning as your recruitment agency, Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy tests and confirms that you have an engineer qualified to work with your company as long as is needed. Undoubtedly, this saves you the much needed time and technical headaches of fighting with computers everyday thereby not having enough time to do your own works. This is a solution for the beginners, SMEs and institutions. Do you want to recruit Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy? Then contact Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy and have it arranged. Project Conceptualization (Ideas) SDLC_Phases_Related_to_Management_ControlsWhat role does ICT play in any given project? First of all, your project must be conceptualized, developed, designed, implemented, supervised, reported and recommendations made using the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Idea is the beginning of invention just as information is the beginning of communication. Granted, many people have the funds with which to invest, but lack the idea on what to invest in or even the reason for investing. Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy provides you with the needed brainstorming through which a fail-proof plan is drawn. After the first consultation with our clients, Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy professionals consolidate and after reviewing the brainstorming session with our client, comes up with a tailored/customized plan to suit the commercial objectives of the client in question. Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy handles projects of any size.  The first brainstorm session is free for the first ten (10) customers within the next three (3) months from the date of your application. Involve Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy on your Projects and have your project logically shaped to suit the dynamisms of the 21st Century. Click here to book for your FREE brainstorming session. Project Design & Implementation projectDesignIs your project already conceptualized? i.e., do you already have a clear idea of your project? (Any project-not only IT projects as ICT supports your other projects as well). Okay, assuming you already have your ideas on what you want but still lack the knowledge of how to have it designed or implemented, Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy will be willing to come in here in this stage of the project. We review your plans and advise you where necessary; thereafter, we design the project using appropriate computer software. Once the design is completed, presented to you (our Client) and approved by all parties, it is now time to implement the project. Here is yet another area of your project where ICT would have to play an immeasurable role in the planning of the Implementation strategies, budgeting, DTP, websites, email, logistics, Human Resources, purchasing, accounting etc. These MUST be well set-up and staff trained before the beginning of the implementation of the project. Don’t forget to thank Yah before starting the project for divine guidance and blessings. Many projects have failed because the engineers neglected these divine principles. Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy will not allow that to happen to your valued project. Contact Biafra_Projects Development Consultancy today


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