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Just like in many aspects of our lives where we are confronted with health challenges ranging from headaches to Cancers which require the service of a doctor to restore the health of the patient, the computer world is no different. Computers do get headaches, toothaches or other viruses in which case you need the advice of an experienced nurse (Biafra_ICT Helpdesk) to diagnose the problem in order to pinpoint the cause of the illness.

Interestingly, with your permission, Biafra _ICT Techno_Angels use the power of the internet to remotely connect to and fix your systems without coming to your home or offices.

ReceptionistOur Helpdesk professionals are ready and able to answer your calls and/or respond to your inquiries. Be reminded though that; to enjoy Biafra_ICT Techno_Angels, you will need to have a subscription with us. Our services are worldwide. These are paid services.

Also on IT/Help-desk Outsourcing, Biafra_ICT recruits highly educated Biafran graduates who are trained to handle all your ICT inquiries and/or fix your systems remotely or in real-time. We also train company staff on customized software and on standard software usage. Click here to contact us.


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