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Know Your History

Those who for whatever reason(s) forgot their histories will never understand the present. nor would they ever be able to project the future with reasonable accuracy. The history of the Biafran Children dates far before the popular Nigerian genocide against Biafrans-against the children of YAH (The Creator of Yahshar’ala). Let us not remember the ugly enslavement of Igbo and Biafrans people by the colonialists and their fellow Conspirators. Let us start from the Genocide. As photo speaks more than 1000 words, let us see what happened in the years 1967-1970. The following happened. Biafra (Igboland) was mercilessly bombed by Nigeria and her international conspirators against the Children of Yah. The intention of Nigeria was to wipe Igbo people and Biafrans out but YAH our Creator and father did not allow that to happen. Finally Nigeria killed 3.5 Million Biafrans without a word of Sorry or regrets till date. Mothers, Children, Fathers, Ladies and the Biafran youths were massacre as Nigeria broke the hearts of YAH the Creator of the Hebrews=Igbos. In all these Evils against the Biafrans, children were reduced to nothing. Starvation Biafran CHILDREN STARVING. Biafran-children-starving-1967-1970-file-pix Umunna-Biafra-Children-1 After the Nigeria genocide against the people of Biafra which took the lives of 3.5 Million Biafrans, came brutal marginalization, Economic deprivation as Nigeria seized All monies deposited by Biafrans in All Nigerian Banks by the ever-enterprising Biafran people (Igbo people and others) among who were Billionaires then. No matter how rich a Biafran was, he or she was give only 20 pounds. These created a wave of difficulties as parent could not cope. Again, the Biafrans Children were targeted and destroyed by agents of Lucifer=England, America, Nigeria and other Evil countries like Holland. Tufiakwaa!!!

Message from the President

Generally speaking, Biafran Children are happy children by nature. But by virtue of circumstances surrounding them, most of them sing the tune of Michael Jackson when he sang: “…all I wanna say is that, they don’t really care about us”. Sincerely speaking, most Children in Biafra today are hoping and praying that one day, YAH will answer their prayers through sincere and child-loving adults and leaders. The President and Founder of ArtKids Foundation and ArtKids International, Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah urges all to remember their childhood and pay adequate attention to the situation of our children in consideration of: Good and quality parenting, Quality time with the children, Good Health, Good Food, Children’s happiness, end of Child labour/Hawking, end of Child Trafficking, Quality representation and advocacy, Good leadership that favours the children and access to vital information and technologies. ArtKids Foundation would ensure that in the catalogue of good life for our children, the above listed are practically demonstrated and achieved; especially now that the Creator of Abraham has taken over his Biafra and his people

Never Disappoint the Kids

Happy_African_KidsVery many children, orphanage houses, motherless baby homes and schools in Biafraland, Nigeria and internationally have seen love and care practically demonstrated by ArtKids Foundation and ArtKids International. From the genesis of this twin-organization, the founders have always shared their hard-earned income with children as they derive a feeling of accomplishment by so doing. Over the years, ArtKids Foundation has successfully carried out Child Education Projects, Child Health Projects, Asthma Awareness Campaigns, School2School Computer Scholarship, Scientific researches in the field of pediatrics with our partnered research centers across the Globe. Touched by the helplessness children face as a result of their inability to advocate for themselves and/or earn money to carter for themselves; especially the orphans, the President and founder of ArtKids Foundation, Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah saw the need to set up a practice-oriented non-governmental; not-for-profit organization that would demonstrate care and love for the Biafran children in particular and global children in general.

Our Services to the Child, the Teacher and the Parent


Mothers, Obey the nature by breast-feeding your kids

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Children who sucked their mothers breast are far more intelligent and balanced in life than those who sucked the mild of Cows, Goats, horses or other animals. Surely, our creator and maker-YAH encoded vital DNA information in the mother’s milk. Animals should drink Animal’s milk while humans should drink human milk. Do not list to Satanic and Mad Scientists who are experimenting with nature and disobeying the laws of nature. Just look at how stupid their children have become-dangers to our societies. Stop growing your Kids like animals-Start breast-feeding today-the longer a mother breast feeds a Child, the more intelligent and balanced that Child becomes. HalleluwYAH!!!!!!! Baby crawling BadyMilk BREASTFEEDING hospital

Childrens right to good health

Majority of the Children in developing countries have no access to basic health care. Most of them die prematurely as a result. ArtKids Foundation was established with such children in mind. Message from the National Grand Patron “When I remember my childhood; see my children and grandchildren happy, I imagine what the unhappy child would be going through. I am motivated by the Almighty Creator to reach out to these helpless angels. I pray that Creator will through us, put smile on their innocent faces. As the National Grand Patron of ArtKids Foundation, I will do everything I can as a human, to ensure that the rights of a child as described by ArtKids Foundation are not only achieved but celebrated by all of us. I cannot do it alone, that is the reason why I am calling on the Almighty YAH our Creator and saviour to support this movement and be part of this change for the sake of the Biafran Children”. HalleluwYAH!

Childrens right to Spiritual Education

be_an_Africa_not_an_AfricantGranted, Spiritual Education is more important than Human Education. While human education is also useful for the development of our children, Spiritual education helps a Child to realize where he or she is, what the purpose of life is, How to live a harmless life in a dangerous world; the Ten Commandments and the Holy Laws of YAH the Creator of Yahshar’ala, Hebrews=Igbos. Unfortunately, both Lucifer and his human agents (World Leaders) have blocked spiritual knowledge simply by blocking the minds of the recipients who are the Parents, Teaches and peers. Look around you to witness the darkness which hangs above every children that is not brought up in the ways of YAH the Almighty Creator and our creator. We aim to ensure that Spiritual education (Knowledge of YAH) is taken seriously in Biafra and around the World. Welcome to YAH’s New Planet Earth in advance.

Children’s Right to Good Parenting

Not all parents would have quality time for their kid(s). ArtKids Foundation equips parents with the knowledge of becoming good or better parent(s). You must understand your child to be a good parent to him or her. Granted, there is no institution were people are trained to become good mothers or good fathers. Everyone believes he or she can be a good parent. Good parenting is not about the provision of the child’s needs but has to do with adequate attention for the child; quality time with the child; listening ears for the child and play with the child as if your were still a child. hence Yahu’si’ya Ha’Mashiriyah (Christ-Our King of Kings) said:
At that time the disciples came to Yahu’si’ya and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me”.
from Matthew 18:1-5

DIGITAL_BIAFRA4KIDS Computer literacy Campaign 2014-2017:

The 21st century is no friend to analogue individuals. Therefore, our children must be digitized ASAP. ArtKids Foundation has launched The Biafran Computer Literacy Campaign 2014-2017. This is an ICT (information and Communication Technology) Computer literacy awareness campaigns for Biafran Students, Teachers and Parents. These Campaigns are being launched in ALL Biafran local governments. In a TV interview, the President of ArtKids Foundation, Obioha Enyinnayah Ezekwesiriyah (Biafran Microcomputer Scientist in Holland) said that the organization has the mandate to digitized most Biafrans far by the year 2017 with the help and support of YAH (The Almighty Creator) The Creator of Yahshar’ala, Hebrews AKA Igbos. HalleluwYAH! FutureTrain (train your kids in the ways of YAH and when they grow up, they will not forget the path. Parents, over to you…

…are we really preparing capable leader for tomorrow?

Future Train is the first global campaign involving all members of the ArtKids Alliance. Over half the children out of school worldwide live in areas affected by conflict. Every year, another 750,000 children have their education disrupted by humanitarian disasters. We are calling for change for these children, and making a direct difference ourselves by aiming to provide good quality education in conflict-affected countries for 8 million children. Your support enables us to continue making a significant difference to the lives of children around the world. ArtKids Foundation would like to use this opportunity to thank the Almighty YAH for directing our ways until this day.

How you can help?

Money is important but is by mo means the most important. people work with people. Become A Certified ArtKids Representative of your Local government in Biafraland beginning with Igboland first. Click here Feel free to suggest how you would like to get involved. If your heart moves you to donate, then use the Donation button above.


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