“Exposing Satan/Lucifer, and the Lies and Deceptions (Politics) around you is what sets you FREE.” ~ Engr. Obioha Ezekwesiri (ICT) 2013

666_Vs_777If, as we truly believe, Information is Power, then; Truthful Information would mean Light and Freedom while false Information would surely lead to darkness and slavery. 777 vs 666 thus. BUTv and other truthful alternative Media have replaced the Mainstream Media which is used by criminal governments to blind the people with false information. Our communication with you is an interactive two-way communication where you are not a consumer of information alone but also a contributor. Following the social media trends of the 21st century, BUTv provides you with the opportunity to participate in decent communications void of insults and name-calling. By thoroughly researching information before publication and speaking the truth as Messengers of The Almighty Yah of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael), BUTv ensures that Biafrans, Arewans, Oduduwans, Niger Deltans, Middle Beltans, Nigerian Minority and members of the International Community know the truth regarding Religious, Political, Economy or Histories. The Black Hebrew Messiah said that:

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you FREE.”

The Freedom of Biafra depends on the truth we speak and the ways we live as the Children of Yah’shar’ala (Yisrael) = Children of the Most High Yah, Creator of the Universe – The One and Only I AM. BUTv works with the Black Messiah, Yahu’si’ya Ha’Mashiriyah in the ongoing gathering together of the lost Children of Yah’shar’Ala (Yisrael), then the restoration of the Children of the Most Sacred will take place. Judgement days are here. Repent Now if you want to be saved.


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