Igbo Elders, Traditional rulers and pro-Biafran group leaders.

Igbo Elders, Traditional rulers and pro-Biafran group leaders. Greetings. Why are you still avoiding the TRUTH which is now like a 9 months old pregnancy? The TRUE Origin of Igbo people and what it means to Igbo people and the 12 tribes of Yashar´al (Israel) –The Hebrews. Use Radio Biafra, BVI and every means to Tell Igbo People that they are the Children of Gad the 7th son of Yashar´al; (Israel). Tell them that the True Messiah is their Brother called Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh. Tell them that the Messiah has returned. Tell them that their Matthew 6:9-10 prayer has been heard and answered by The Most High-YAH. Also remember to tell them that Revelation 21 has fulfilled. Tell them to meet the True Messiah their Black brother and King at the just-arrived New Yahushalwum ( New Jerusalem of Revelation 21). Please tell All with Hebrew/Igbo Bloodline to collect their Blessings from Deuteronomy 28:1-14 as Deuteronomy 28:15-68 CURSES against the 12 tribes of Yashar´al (Israel) including the Igbo people children of Gad have completely fulfilled on the original 12 tribes of Yashar´al including the Igbo people of Biafra who are ALL Black Hebrews; who are scattered all over the world. Tell Igbo people to avoid anything called Sin henceforth or Die. Yes!!!!!!! The Most High YAH has done it for us. Thanks to Yahusha Ha Mashiyahkh who was killed by the Roman Empire a.k.a The Vatican and Pharisee. Yes! He is back. See the video of the just-arrived New Yahushaluwm (New Jerusalem of Revelation 21:1-4). Cry no more! See it with your own eyes and praise the Most High-YAH. https://youtu.be/XzkZLaGooLE?list=PL9rL5WRKg2pc69PjhGD1qoKgG6NBv0ynP Shaluwm! See You all soon at New Yahushaluwm (New Jerusalem). This Judgement Day (1000 yrs Messianic leadership) continues against the Gentiles (White and Black) and against All Sinners. Obey the Ten commandments of the Most High-YAH without amendment henceforth or get spiritually tortured, tormented or killed (Deleted). We are now back to the Ancient Hebrew. Christianity is from Lucifer and Pope Francis is the Devil in human flesh. This is true. Angelippo#2112_H_Gad Angel of the Most High-YAH assigned to the House of Gad_Igbo people of Biafra. _______________________________ Please disregard and reject ALL Illuminati names for their Demons:God/gods/Lord/Jesus https://youtu.be/HA4Q774jOCE. Seriously, note seriously: The short form of the “most precious” name of the Most High-Creator of the entire Universe Everything | Everyone | Everyplace; is “YAH”. All Praises Be to YAH and only YAH. HalleluYAH. The name of the Creator’s anointed King for Planet Earth–the Messiah–Peace Be Upon Him; is-“Yahusha” Ha Mashiyahkh (The Messiah)

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Today's Date is

day 11
Moon 4
Year 7090

4th Moon was Sighted on
2018-5-16 17:40 Asia/Jerusalem (Greg.)

4th Moon was Sighted in Tel Arad.

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